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[04 Sep 2005|12:11am]

+name: Matthew Behnke
+are you registered to vote: Yes
+if so, what party are you registered under (if too young, what will you be): Republican
+are you for bush or kerry or neither?: Bush

what is your opinion on..
+abortion: I'm against abortion. To me it is murdering unborn babies. Yes, the morning after pill falls into this category
+gay marriage: I'm against gay marriage. It wasn't around 2,000 years ago when Christ walked the Earth, no reason for it to be around now. Can you imagine what the Gay Divorce rate would be like? I mean they're having custody battles over pets in Massachusetts, ridiculous!
+the death penalty: I'm for the Death Penalty. If people take away life, they deserve the same.
+religion mixed w/ politics: Well, if you don't have any kind of moral convictions, you'd be a fool.Religious beliefs develop character and integrity in people. It works the same way for people who run for Public office. You can't really seperate your religious beliefs from your political ones, more than often they go hand and hand such as positions on abortion and gay marriage.
+the war in iraq: Okay, I support the President's decision to go to Iraq. Much of it has been executed poorly, but much progress has been made, but the media has that overshadowed by a bunch of Islamic Radicals who blow themselves up and take their own Muslim people and children with them to death. It's horrid.
+war in general: War is never really a good thing, but sometimes it's necessary. Otherwise we could all be speaking German , Chinese, or Arabic now, doing the goose step, chanting High Hitler, or all wearing turbans and bowing to a rock.
+the right to bear arms: I support the Second Amendment Right to bear Arms. If we take away people's guns we're all at the mercy of the Government and criminals. If guns kill people, spoons make Michael Moore fat.
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[05 Sep 2004|04:11am]

+ name: KC

+ are you registered to vote: yes

+ if so, what party are you registered under (if too young, what will you be): Libertarian

+ are you for bush or kerry or neither?: Kerry, but I believe that Howard Dean is america's real future for prosperity.

what is your opinion on..

+ abortion: I'm Pro Choice so I believe that the woman has the right to choose, but yes, I'm for abortion, but not as a form of birth control (as in getting knocked up on purpose)

+ gay marriage: This one is like stepping on thin ice for me. I believe in equal rights, so I would probably say that I am for gay marriage, but as long as it isn't shoved in my face all the time.

+ the death penalty: Yes - It should be used for people who have killed in clear concious (no regrets). If someone can take life, than they don't deserve to live one.

+ religion mixed w/ politics: Politicians have their religious beliefs and they need to stay that way, beliefs. If the president wants to visit a church service then that's fine, but trying to bring christianity or catholicism into office would be a terrible thing because this country is based on different things and everyone has different beliefs.

+ the war in iraq: are troops have suffered long enough. there's no sense in being there anymore. terrorism is all over the world now (russia, indonesia, south korea) and it amazes me when south korea pretty much says "hey, we've got nuclear bombs" and we go after the 'oil bearing' country that might have wmd's.

+ war in general: War is a terrible thing.

+ the right to bear arms: With the proper licensing, training, and psychological determining, I think anyone should be allowed to bear arms.
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survey [19 Aug 2004|05:41pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

+name: James Edward Lewis II
+are you registered to vote: Yes
+if so, what party are you registered under (if too young, what will you be): Indiana doesn't require registration under a particulat party, but if it did, I would be Libertarian.
+are you for bush or kerry or neither?: Kerry...because he's the only viable alternative to Bush, and I hate the policies of the Bush administration

what is your opinion on...
+abortion: should be legal but not publicly funded
+gay marriage: Marriage should be removed from the governmental sphere of control and replaced with civil unions...and homosexual couples should also be allowed to partake of these unions.
+the death penalty: should not be permitted
+religion mixed w/ politics: should be severely discouraged
+the war in iraq: was ultimately a good idea, improperly implemented by the Bush administration...especially because there was inadequate planning for the reconstruction
+war in general: necessary evil (emphasis on evil)
+the right to bear arms: should be protected

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Survey [18 Aug 2004|07:54pm]
+are you registered to vote:No (too Young)
+if so, what party are you registered under (if too young, what will you be):Democrat, or Independant
+are you for bush or kerry or neither?: Kerry
what is your opinion on..
+abortion:Women have the right to choose, we have no right to take a basic human right of free will away frmo them. Science is going to grow for good or bad we cannot stop it, let woman decide what they would like to do.
+gay marriage:There are over 1000 rights that men and women recieve when married. it is not fair to not allow these couples the same rights. Gay is not a bad thing its jsut a preference do not discriminate. They deserve to share in the pain like straight couples do. (j/k j/k)
+the death penalty:Ai ai, thats a hard one. I do not believe we have the right to condemn someone to death, then we are just playing god (or whomever) and i don´t believe its for us to choose so i would say i am not for it.
+religion mixed w/ politics:MUST BE SEPERATE! The fact that Bush mixes catholicism in how he ran this country Appalls me. For someone who believes so strongly in our constitution you think he would understand that church and state are to be seperate.
+the war in iraq:WRONG! he went in there on false information and then covered it up, he should have admitted his mistake and also should have admitted that he did go in for oil, while i know that was not the sole reason the guy should have enough guts to admit that was one of them. fact is he prmosied to give the iraquis their oil back once our army secured it. He said he would it bid it off to iraqi oil companies, as soon ashe got control he sold them immediately! to American Companies, i beleive we call that lying and thats against the oath he took and against his own religion.
+war in general:It keeps the world frmo overpopulating, but it is a crime to human life. Unless its absolutely necassarry to stop the world from being destroyed (though idont see how that could happen) i am against it
+the right to bear arms: TIMES CHANGE ADAPT ALREADY! we no longer have minute militia. People do not hunt for food nearly at all. If you look at every country that already institutes gun control their Crime rate is nearly 50% below ours. I believe that gun control has a lot to do with it, in fact it has everyhting to dowith it. We no longer need this and it should be abolished
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Mod Post - Survey [18 Aug 2004|03:33pm]
+name: kristin
+are you registered to vote: nope but in 2 years i will be
+if so, what party are you registered under (if too young, what will you be): too young but i will definitely be a republican
+are you for bush or kerry or neither?: definitely for bush
what is your opinion on..
+abortion: it is completely wrong. well, maybe in a rape situation it would be ok, but even then you are killing a human being. you can't kill a human being because you made a mistake. people say it's a woman's body and she can do what she want with it, but is the baby her body? it's a human baby and it's not right.
+gay marriage: i don't think it's right. marriage is a union between a man and a woman.
+the death penalty: i am all for it. if you did something bad enough then you definitely deserve it.
+religion mixed w/ politics: i think it should be to a certain extent.
+the war in iraq: all for it. if we didn't go to war we wouldn't have gotten saddam and now iraq is that much safer, but then there are the stupid iraqis who don't want us over there to help them settle back down.
+war in general: all for it if it's necessary
+the right to bear arms: i am all for it and i can't believe there are people who want to ban guns. first of all, if people are gonna kill someone, taking a gun away from them won't stop them, so you are only taking away from the hunters who are going out and putting food on the table the old fashioned way.
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[18 Aug 2004|03:06pm]

+name: Amanda
+are you registered to vote: not old enough yet
+if so, what party are you registered under (if too young, what will you be): Republican probably
+are you for bush or kerry or neither?: Bush

what is your opinion on..
+abortion: not for it
+gay marriage: well I don't think that they should get married, but I think that they can be together..but marriage is between a man and a women.
+the death penalty: I think if you do something horrible enough for it then yes u should have the death penalty.
+religion mixed with politics: They always say don't mix religion with politics, but I don't think that religion is the big problem anyways.
+the war in iraq: well I wanted them to get Saddam, but now the Iraques don't even want us there...they are idiots...that land down there will never be peaceful so just pull out.
+war in general: if someone deserves it, I say we bomb em' like we did in WW2.
+right to bear arms: see this is a tough one cuz ppl do need them for protection, but then there are idiots out there that use them for the wrong thing so.
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Mod Post [18 Aug 2004|11:43am]
This community is for anyone. Whether you are for Bush or Kerry or neither or undecided, you can come in here and debate politics with everyone else. Please make sure you have read the rules posted on the info page before posting.
Thank you!
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